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Living Room Sectionals

Living room sectionals provide a spacious place for family and guests to sit and relax. With so many configurations, though, it can be tough to decide on a style. Here’s how to choose the right sectional couch for your home.

Sectional Sofa Shapes 

The right sectional can serve as the focal point of your living room furniture. When selecting a sectional, keep in mind they can be customized. Here are the standard shapes:

• Chaise Sectionals. Chaise sectional sofas look similar to traditional sofas, but they have a chaise lounge on one side. The lounge can be designed to fit the left or right side, depending on your space. Small sectional sofas are the best option for smaller rooms or apartments.
• U-Shaped Sectionals. These sectionals feature a longer sofa with two corner pieces so there’s plenty of comfortable seating for everyone on game or movie nights.
• L-Shaped Sectionals. L-shaped sectionals are on trend. These sofas are simple in design and shape. But you can customize the sofa for your space. If you’re looking for a large sectional sofa, L-shaped sectionals will seat the most people comfortably.
• Modular Sectionals: Buy these sofas in pieces—they can be put together any way you like. When you’re tired of one layout, simply rearrange it.

Look for added features to make your sectional perfect for you. Sleeper sectionals and reclining sectionals are available in many shapes.

Color, Size and Shape 

Before you select a sofa, make sure the material and size will work in your home. A white leather sectional or cream linen sectional sofa looks bright and modern in a refined space. But families with children and pets might do better with one in darker colors and durable materials. Microfiber sectionals are easy to clean and withstand wear and tear.

A large, three-piece sectional could be perfect for someone who hosts frequent parties. Just keep in mind that they can also take up a lot of space. Carefully measure your space before you make your choice. A lower back (around 32 inches) and back cushions that aren’t overstuffed help prevent the couch from overwhelming the room.


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